We enable your company to set up your free company profile, logo and background picture, job board, as well as being able to post jobs directly to our global job board and partner job boards

Here is an example of a company which has set up their company profile and job board.

When posting your jobs, you can set up the exact city or country you prefer the talent and candidates come from. You can duplicate your jobs, and pin-point them to other cities and countries as well, seeking the same profile in several places at once.

This is included:

  • Set up your company page with logo and background picture
  • Post to 600+ other job boards and social media automatically
  • Set up your job board to your own website by copying the link in to your own Careers tab or menu
Set up your company profile, and start posting jobs within minutes here.

Our equity fund, investor network, and sales opportunity company

We love to help companies grow their and have created $800 million in opportunities since the beginning of 2017.

When you purchase one of our products you also enable your company to be a part of our global equity fund, investor network, and our Business and Brands company.

It works like this:

  • Our experts review your company to forward any existing new or established company to our management team which we feel we can help grow
  • Our management team will contact you. When contacting you our management team will offer you the opportunity to engage with new sales areas, investors, business angels, current customers or business partners
  • If we see a special opportunity in your company we will be able to invest, or offer you to buy your company through our own equity fund. We will also be able to introduce your company to a network of investors due to our huge network across the world if we are not able to buy or invest ourselves.

You are in no way obligated to be a part of this. It is an offer only, as we love to help companies grow, and good at it!

Do you want more information? Reach out to us here!