What does it mean to become a ReSeller Partner?

75% of all jobs do not reach the job boards, nor the talents, candidates or customers. We have set ourselves the goal of explaining to companies the fantastic story and the potential they lose, and we want to count on you to rewrite history.

For that reason we have created 2 different types of partners. Both are based on a commission sharing to ensure growth for both parties. The commission level is up to 50%. You can enter up to $ 6 million in a period of 5 years.

The Opportunity

Companies lose a great opportunity to do "branding", which you as a selection and staffing  company or as an independent reseller is able to bring to market, using our technology, delivery and support team to help companies to have a greater success in the selection process, save time, money and grow the business, all at the same time.

Independent Reseller

Would you like to decide "when" and "how"? Would you be interested in trying to make the sale based on the commission? You are a private person who would like to join us but you already have another job or think that this could help your growth business network while generating extra income ?, then contact us indicating "independent reseller" in the subject and our team will contact you

Silver and Gold ReSeller

Our "silver" and "gold" partner programs are for small, medium or large recruitment companies, who would like to grow their global business with us through reselling and using the job board as a sales tool and maybe later work with us for the selection process. If you wish to obtain more information about our "silver" and "gold" packages and the opportunity for your company, please complete the details indicated below, indicating in the subject "silver and gold programs for resellers" and our global team of resellers will contact with you.

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