Customer Support Engineer

This job has been Expired
Full Time
Job Description

Investigates and resolves problems through established processes and procedures on a daily basis
Monitors user requests, evaluates and support incoming issues, performs basic troubleshooting, notifies appropriate responsible groups for further investigation
Supports database structure and detects discrepancy between/within different independent sources which filled in a main frame
Actively supports workflow and maintenance optimization processes

Upper-Intermediate English 
Strong verbal and writing communication skills
Strong logical and critical thinking
Knowledge of IT terminology
Excellent attention to details, data, accuracy and analytical mindset
Ability to track issues and deliver sustainable solutions

Team size and members level?


Who works on our side, on customer’s side? (PM, PO, Architect, etc.)

How long do we work with this customer? How long the project lasts and what is the estimate period for duration, growth plans?

At what stage is the project? (requirements gathering, design, start of development, active dev., final stage of dev., maintenance and support)

What development practices and approaches are used?

Where the system is hosted/deployed? Architecture type? Application types?

Development methodology? Releases frequency?

Describe communication channel (direct or through PMTL; response speed, voice, chat, mail?)

B-trips – possible, required? How often? Where?

Which professional growth possibilities can project give to the candidate?

Кросс-проектная саппорт команда, стабильно появляются новые опортьюнити, в связи с чем команда растет и развивается в разных направлениях, как в профессиональном плане (джун-миддл-синьор в рамках саппорт вакансии), так и в карьерном (смена роли/позиции). Разнообразие проектов позволяет развиваться в разных направлениях, пробуя разные технологии, сферы, уровни поддержки. 

Describe your project and domain briefly.

Кандидат нанимается не на проект, а в команду. Под эту вакансию на данный момент есть 2 нон-техникал проекта, на один из которых кандидат будет распределен в течении испытательного срока. Проекты связаны с саппортом ПО крупного атомобильного концерна и платформы, которая представляет собой global alliance of influencer networks

What technologies are used? What is interesting about the project from the technological point of view? What technological aspects of solution could attract candidates? (specify 2-3, can be in keywords)

What is business value of your project? What business problem does it solve and in which way? What is the project`s impact on industry/market? (If there is significant one). Who are the users of the solution? How it helps them?

What tasks, challenges will candidate face first on the project? (sell them)

Who is the customer and how this customer could be interesting to work with? Some interesting facts about him?