We love to help Start Up companies grow their business

We have helped numerous Start Ups grow their business since the beginning of 2017. In total we have created more than $800 million in opportunities for all kinds of companies within any kind of branch or area.

We support that by introducing Start Ups to equity funds, private investors, business angels, new customers and business partners across the world. Our network is huge, and we have a lot of great friends to reach out to.

Here is how it works:

  • Our experts review your company to forward any exiting new or established company to our management team which we feel we can help grow
  • Our management team will contact you. When contacting you our management team will offer you the opportunity to engage with new sales areas, investors, business angels, current customers or business partners
  • If we see a special opportunity in your company we will be able to invest, or make you an offer to buy your company

Promo code / coupon

For us to review your company you need to set up your company profile to our website, and start posting jobs at a much-reduced price.

Reach out to us underneath when you are ready to have us review your company page, and want to start posting jobs. We will provide you with the right promo code for your Start Up company.

Here is an example of a company which has set up their company profile and job board.

RosschouEquity Fund

Also, we have created our own equity fund – RosschouEquity - which is going to help even more Start Up companies grow, and for us to engage anywhere on the planet.

Your company Job Board

We enable your company to set up your own Job Board where you can control all your jobs,talent and candidates applying for your jobs.

You can link your Job Board to your own website, enabling your company to have a Careers page within minutes.

Ready for your promo code? Reach out to us here!