About Us

We are a global online employment solution for talent seeking jobs and companies who need great talent.


House of Recruitment will be the leading global talent platform connecting companies to talent and more business, and talent to companies and more Business worldwide.

We will keep developing new products that will improve and provide mind-blowing results for companies and talent.

With 150+ million companies worldwide we have set out to have every job ad presented on our platform solution with our multiple job board and social media partners.

Our platform reaches 300+ million active talent and users. These people are not only talent, but also business partners, investors, clients and people looking for business opportunities.


We create and deliver second to none technologies and platforms for connecting companies, talent and business opportunities.

We want our client’s business to improve massively with the unique platform we deliver, now and in the future.


  • Clients and talent comes first
  • Always create trust and openness
  • Innovate
  • Intelligent solutions
  • Always strive to improve ourselves and our company